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The begining of DC’s second month of relaunch

With the start of the second month of the relaunch by DC, I won’t be reviewing one specific title. Instead, I will talk about an over all recap and touch on some of the upcoming ideas. For starters, the overall sales have been fantastic. It has been quite hectic trying to meet the demand, and [...]

All Star Western #1

This week we decided to go a different route into the realm of a title that does not fit the standard superhero fare of the rest of DC’s New 52. All Star Western #1, so as usual, I open with a spoiler warning. … … … … … Immediately, we are informed that this book is [...]

Wonder Woman #1 and the rest of week 3

Again, we start the post with the warning of potential spoilers. … … … … …   Now let’s start by stating that while I am familiar with Wonder Woman in concept, this is not a title I have ever followed closely. From cartoons and the few storyarcs that I have read I know she [...]

Green Lantern #1

This week we review Green Lantern #1 and again Steve beat me to it.  So once more I’ll give the contrast of guy who knows nothing about Green Lantern aside from what was in the movie. Starting out with Sinistro having a ring was surprise to me, I knew Hal Jordan had been Green Lantern [...]

Green Lantern #1 and the rest of the new 52 this week.

Again, I start with the spoiler warning … … … … … To start, I must mention that I am quite familiar with the Green Lantern mythos going in. The book starts cover and all with Sinestro in possession of a Green Lantern Ring. During the early stages of the book, it is recapped that [...]

Action Comics #1

I read Action Comics #1 and Steve’s review. So again, since he beat me to the punch I won’t give a long detailed review of the story. I’ll just remind you that A. I’m new to the DCU, knowing little more than what movies have shown me. And B. I’ve never liked Superman. The first [...]

Action Comics #1 and more

This week’s big titles were Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #1. Now onto the spoiler warning…. … … … … … The story starts with Superman crashing the party of a corrupt business mogul. For fans of Superman in recent years, this may seem a bit weak for a begining for him. That is [...]

Justice Leage #1 (from an outsiders view)

Having read Justice League #1 and Steve’s review, I won’t bother commenting on the same things (like the V-neck costumes and lack of characters inside.)  Instead I’ll try to convey my thoughts on it from a first time readers point of view because unlike Steve I’ve never really read DC comics. The odd batman title [...]

Justice League #1

I will start with the appropriate spoiler warning. *** *** *** *** *** Starting with the cover. It is a beautiful image that showcases seven major characters that will be part of the team. It has been posted all over the place already, but what I like is that the finalized version does show Wonder [...]

DC Relaunch preview (part 2)

For part 1 of the preview see here: SWAMP THING #1 Written by Scott Snyder Art by Yannick Paquette Cover by Yannick Paquette The old Swamp Thing didn’t do much for me, but maybe the interaction with the other “Dark” titles it will work. ANIMAL MAN #1 Written by Jeff Lemire Art by Travel [...]

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