Justice League #1

I will start with the appropriate spoiler warning.






Starting with the cover. It is a beautiful image that showcases seven major characters that will be part of the team. It has been posted all over the place already, but what I like is that the finalized version does show Wonder Woman in a fairly classic looking costume. What I don’t like about the redesigned costumes shown here is the weird obsession for strange high v-shaped collars on 3 of the male characters. I am willing to give Superman’s lack of red trunks a chance, but that collar just looks odd. Side note on the cover: the standard edition has a different background color than the version that comes with a digital copy.

Inside, I won’t be ruining too much by mentioning that the opening scenes showcase Batman and Green Lantern meeting for the first time, as this was in the New 52 preview book that came out a month ago. As stated in the first text box, this comic is set 5 years ago, before the world came to know heroes. This showcases a scene where Batman is chasing down a creature (spoiler – it is a Parademon), while the police chase them both down. This leads to Green Lantern crashing the party. The majority of the rest of the issue shows what to expect as an interaction between two very different characters (The brightness of Green Lantern and the gritty shadows of Batman). Green Lantern is written as the cocky arrogant version of Hal Jordan that I have always loved. After leaving the police, the two heroes chase the creature underground where it fuses something to the wall before trying to sacrifice itself to kill them. (spoiler -it looks to be a Mother Box). The creature’s dying words also let us know what is coming, and it doesn’t get much bigger in the DC Universe.

The first mention of Superman is ominous, as it looks like he will not be trusted early on. Green Lantern flies himself and Batman to Metropolis, where below we get to witness Victor Stone, the high school student before he becomes Cyborg. As they look for Superman, there is a nice homage to Lex Luthor at the construction site. Green Lantern’s cockiness gets the better of him and we get to see our first glimpse of Superman.

Overall from the point of view of a life long DC fan, the story was well paced setting the seeds for something big to come. Geoff Johns’ dialog flows naturally and kept me entertained. Green Lantern trying to determine the extent of Batman’s powers was great. The only thing lacking was that there was no mention of the other three characters from the cover, which I felt since it is meant to be launching the title we should have seen at least a glimpse of them even if it was an awkwardly written side note.

The art was of course superb. Jim Lee is a superstar for a reason. I like how detailed the Green Lantern constructs were. Then there is nice little details that some artists may neglect like when they arrive in Metropolis, reminding us that Batman took the Mother Box that the Parademon left in Gotham. Alex Sinclair’s colors complete a neatly drawn piece (too often the colorist gets neglected, so I thought I should mention).

Overall, longtime fans should like the look of this new Justice League title. I like to think that new fans will enjoy what they see in this issue to buy a few more and get to see just how big this story will get. I look forward to seeing Chris’s review to get a glimpse from the point of view of a new fan who knows little about the League.

Until Next week when we review Action Comics #1, I would love to hear more feedback.

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