Justice Leage #1 (from an outsiders view)

Having read Justice League #1 and Steve’s review, I won’t bother commenting on the same things (like the V-neck costumes and lack of characters inside.)  Instead I’ll try to convey my thoughts on it from a first time readers point of view because unlike Steve I’ve never really read DC comics. The odd batman title here and there but I honestly know very little of the world and the characters. To be honest I didn’t plan to read Justice League because I’m just not interested in Wonder Woman, Flash, or Cyborg but I thought I should give one team title a try.

The first issue gave me a good sense of Green Lantern and what to expect from the character both in personality and powers, heck even a quick blurb on where he came from. Batman, even if you are not a comic fan it’s hard to not know about Batman so I didn’t mind the lack of back story for him. The interactions between the two was good and I look forward to seeing how they will come to interact with other members once they are a team.

The intro for Cyborg (or at least I assumed it was Cyborg) has me curious as to how he will go from a high school kid to well… a Cyborg.

It will be good to see how Superman and Batman interact (seeing as Green Lantern is out of the picture for a bit). I’m aware of their friendship in the old DCU, but have no real idea how it came to be. I’m curious if that same relationship will unfold again or if they might do something new for everyone.

For the main story they are starting to tell I have no idea (unlike Steve) what the robot thing is, what the box is all about, or really who Darkseid is (aside from a big bad guy), but I am really looking forward to finding out. The first issue did a good job of keeping me interested and raising enough questions that I’ll keep reading until I get some answers.

Next week we review Action Comics #1… which is going to have to be really good.  I’ve always disliked Superman…

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