Action Comics #1

I read Action Comics #1 and Steve’s review. So again, since he beat me to the punch I won’t give a long detailed review of the story. I’ll just remind you that A. I’m new to the DCU, knowing little more than what movies have shown me. And B. I’ve never liked Superman.

The first third of the comic was about Superman shaking down a corrupt politician. While I expected more, I can accept that he is still young Superman. Learning his powers and doing good where he sees he can. I enjoyed the fact that he had some attitude, as a younger bullet proof guy would. No real complaints so far.

Next we get learn that Lex Luthor has been hired by the military to capture or stop Superman. They let you know Superman is an alien and talk about how his powers are growing. This is all well and good but they never explain why Lex Luthor was hired or why he cares? What does this Lex Luthor do that the military would seek him out to deal with aliens? Why does Lex even care? Aside from money.

So military funded Lex sets a trap for Superman, where buildings are being demolished while people still live in them and tanks are sent to blow Superman up… Now I get this is a comic, but tanks firing in downtown with lots of innocent people around? I just couldn’t buy it. It seemed like a poorly thought of way to show how strong Superman was. The only good part about these scenes is it showed that the people are on Superman’s side. Beyond that it left me thinking “Really?”

Then we get Jimmy and Louis, on a train trying to get a scoop. For some reason all the trains are not supposed to be running, but the one they are on is. Superman jumps to the rescue knowing (somehow?) that the train isn’t going to stop unless he stops it. So he runs to the front of it and pushes it back, knocking it off the rails, down a busy street and into a building where he is trapped between the train and the wall. I felt the whole scene was forced and a poorly thought out way to get Superman trapped.

Once again we have Lex and the military talking. The military thinks Lex went too far. Lex compares Superman to animals that have been introduced to new areas and quickly reproduced taking over the area. I guess Lex thinks one of Supermans powers is to reproduce asexually or that Superman is going to be really good with the ladies so Superman must be stopped before he breeds humans off the planet? Maybe I’m off track. ;) But I can’t think of any other reason Lex would give those examples… or again have any reason to really care. It isn’t like Lex and Superman / Clark know each other…

Overall, I went in looking to like Action Comics but it fell flat for me. I’ve read Detective Comics #1 and Batgirl #1 as well. I really enjoyed both. They gave me insight into the character in and out of costume. They made me care about the characters. Action Comics #1 failed to do that, being little more than “Look I have awesome powers”, which is one of the big reasons I’ve always disliked Superman.

Maybe #2 will be better…

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