Green Lantern #1 and the rest of the new 52 this week.

Again, I start with the spoiler warning

To start, I must mention that I am quite familiar with the Green Lantern mythos going in. The book starts cover and all with Sinestro in possession of a Green Lantern Ring. During the early stages of the book, it is recapped that at some point in the past he had betrayed the Corps. He is offered his chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the Guardians, which he claims he does not need to redeem himself. We move on to see Hal Jordan, who is adjusting to life after being stripped of his role in the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro then goes back to his homeworld where he encounters and kills a member of the Sinestro Corps. Carol Ferris tries to help Hal get back on his feet, but his cocky attitude screws that up. The issue finishes with the promise of a team up between these old “friends”.

Overall as a long time fan I enjoyed what this issue offered in continuing the Green Lantern saga that has been going for years. Some things that may confuse new readers, why are the Guardians fighting amongst themselves? Why do they let a guy who they admit is a great betrayer leave? How many color rings are there, since they show green obviously and yellow and Carol mentions a Star Sapphire ring.

The story was well paced and the art was decent. Doug Mahnke is plain in his style but it gets the point through. Geoff Johns portrays Hal as a slightly more mature, but still arrogant guy than what he showed us in Justice League, so it is nice to see that consistancy.  Long time fans will definately want to stick with this one, while I think it does recap enough to get new fans interested even if it does feel like it is jumping into the middle of a much larger situation.

The rest of the week:

Batman and Robin #1 shows us Bruce Wayne teaming with his son as the newest Robin. This issue does well at introducing the characters and their attitudes. The part that will lose some new readers in confusion, who is the Russian Batman and why is this villain killing Batman impersonators? Also, when did Bruce get a son? Recommend especially to longtime Batfans, returning Batfans and anyone interested in seeing a different Dynamic Duo.

Batwoman #1, shows a bit of a spooky ghost story. The writer does a good job of showing her personality outside of costume. The biggest issue I had was the coloring, why is her skin so grey? Overall, this is a solid title worth checking out. Recommend to anyone looking for a more grown up Scooby Doo mystery.

Deathstroke #1, shows us a bad ass mercanary. Recommend to fans of 80s action flicks (or modern equivilants like the Expendables.)

Demon Knights #1, introduces an interesting dynamic between Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon and Madame Xanadu. Taking place in post Arthurian England the action is pretty quick especially when the Demon comes out, but I still didn’t feel it to be my style overall. Recommend to Fantasy/Camelot fans.

Frankenstein, Agent of Shade #1, gives us the introduction of the Creature Commandos. Frank is a big bad monster smasher, unfortunately I didn’t leave the store itching for lots more. Recommend if you remember and enjoyed the movie Monster Squad from the late 80s.

Grifter #1, upon flipping through the pages, I had to wonder why he was stabbing so many random people. After reading it, apparently he can tell they are aliens taking control of people’s bodies or something. This one actually does have me intrigued if he is going to be completely xenophobic, or if it is specific aliens that he is after and what these aliens are after. Recommend to fans of V and cheesy Sci Fi.

Legion Lost #1, left me lost as to why I was reading it. Admittedly I have never really followed or cared about the Legion, now apparently some of them are lost and I still don’t care. Recommend if you are a fan of the Legion of Super Heroes already, otherwise not recommending.

Mister Terrific #1, tries to make you feel for Michael as a human and the hardships he endures, but it is hard to feel bad for the “third smartest man on the planet”, a superstar olympic athlete and billionaire just because his wife died and he is sad. Recommend for fans of James Bond, because it does have that 60s spy movie feel.

Red Lanterns #1, pretty much lost me on page 2 with the blood thirsty cat. As I expected going in it was violence from a pile of alien characters that I didn’t care about. Sure Atrocitus lost his planet and is pissed off, but Superman lost his planet and doesn’t run around the galaxy needlessly slaughtering people and on a more down to earth note, Batman lost his family but rebuilt without running around killing all the criminals in Gotham. Long story short Atrocitus, get over it. Recommend for fans of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, because I see these Red Lanterns as a bunch of clowns.

Resurrection Man #1, introduces us to Mitch, a dude that gains a new ability and purpose when he dies and is reborn. He tries using these abilities to help people along the way, but is being chased down by demons and angels, because they state his soul is overdue. I thoroughly enjoyed this and highly recommend, particularly if you want something a little dark and edgy outside the superhero norm.

Suicide Squad #1, did well at quickly introducing the team and giving a quick feel for most of the characters. There is much debate on Harley Quinn’s “costume” as it seems to be more or less her underwear. I was intrigued by the set up in this and look forward to their first big mission. Recommend for a team of non heroic heroes.

Superboy #1, gets deep into establishing his origin as a clone while dodging the question of from whom he was cloned. While they test him in vitual reality, the biggest question the issue leaves you with is “why are they planting him in the Teen Titans?” Recommend to fans of the 90s Superboy run and those looking to delve deeper into the Teen Titans when it comes along.

My final verdict left me with only 2 titles this week that I didn’t want to look at again at all, which is on par with last week for which there were 2 as well.

Next week, we review Wonder Woman.

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