Wonder Woman #1 and the rest of week 3

Again, we start the post with the warning of potential spoilers.


Now let’s start by stating that while I am familiar with Wonder Woman in concept, this is not a title I have ever followed closely. From cartoons and the few storyarcs that I have read I know she is an Amazon and has dealings with Gods.

This book starts with a character whom I will assume is a god. Now why he is in Singapore is a question. The scenes quickly shift to Virginia where some reaper person turns horses into Centaurs and some dude with bird feet confronts a blonde girl, eventually giving her a key that teleports her out of danger. Confusing, yet interesting start. The blonde girl, Zola appears in Wonder Woman’s London appartment and relays her story. Zola then brings them back to Virginia where Wonder Woman chases off the Centaurs and we learn that bird feet is Hermes. Then back in Singapore, the strange looking god from the start gets some bad news that ties into the news that Hermes gave to Zola.

The recap is short because the story was fast paced enough that Cliff Chiang was able to illustrate some fantastic combat sequences to keep things moving and interesting. Azzarelo’s writing has me interested in how long Wonder Woman will have to protect Zola and just how far this other god will go to get her. This story was good enough that it made me want the next issue, so it gets my recommendation for a strong mythological intrigue story with some clean art that isn’t overstated.

The other books for the week:

Batman: Capulo’s art gives the story a fast paced and cinematic feel. It does a great job at introducing his supporting cast and the end is almost as good as Detective Comics. Highly recommend.

Birds of Prey: I want to know exactly what Black Canary is framed for and who did the framing. I hadn’t thought the title would draw me in without Oracle, but it did. Recommend for fans of spy stories.

Blue Beetle: High school student with super powerful alien symbiotic suit. Recommend to fans of old school Spiderman.

Captain Atom: Dude is producing mini nuclear reactions that his body contains. When is he going to explode? Not recommending, but also not suggesting to avoid. It wasn’t good or bad enough to sway me either way.

Catwoman: Great mystery as to who is out to get Selina, the art was nice and her relationships with the other characters that appear are intriguing. Recommend for the bad girl gone mostly good.

DC Universe Presents: This book managed to actually make me care about a ghost. Recommend for fans of the Littlest Hobo.

Green Lantern Corps: After Green Lantern, I didn’t think that this would make me care enough about what was going on with the rest of the Corps. I was wrong, this one may potentially be better than the other. Guy Gardener is great as is John Stewart. Recommend for the cosmic cops.

Legion of Super Heroes: This suffered the problem of introducing too many characters to keep track of or care about. I have a hard time recommending unless you already have a vested interest in Legion stories.

Nightwing: Dick Grayson has gone from being Batman, back to his old costume. He is tracking down thugs and fighting the good fight here. The intrigue is coming from what connection the circus still has to his parent’s death oh so long ago, now that it is in town. Recommend for good action and intrigue.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Red Hood and Starfire break Arsenal out of a Middle Eastern prison and take a break in the tropics. The book probably had one of the best lines in the new DC. Recommend for fans of the A-Team and other cheesy 80s action shows.

Supergirl: So she is crashing on earth and comes out in Russia confused, thinking she is still on Krypton. This leaves me interested as to how Superman will educate her and help her to assimilate to the Earth culture. Recommend for the fish out of water story.

Next Week we are going to review something a little less mainstream with All Star Western.

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