All Star Western #1

This week we decided to go a different route into the realm of a title that does not fit the standard superhero¬†fare of the rest of DC’s New 52. All Star Western #1, so as usual, I open with a spoiler warning.

Immediately, we are informed that this book is taking place in Gotham City in the 1880s. This is a good start for me, as I keep my eye for things you should see in Gotham. The art shows us the railways and harbor giving a good feel for the time period. We then move on quickly to meet our protagonist, Jonah Hex. So we see he is a bad ass cowboy bounty hunter with a scarred face. Moving along, Amadeus Arkham must be the reason the setting is Gotham. We can now know that the main plot will be dealing with someone killing prostitutes and trying to inspire fear. Hex and Arkham work together on the case, using violence and psychology respectively. Eventually, we are left wondering if there is one individual behind the whole plot or if there is a conspiracy in place among many.

Going in not overly familiar with the character, I was given enough to get into his head and understand his methods and style. The mystery that is set up is somewhat intriguing. I can sometimes be a fan of the Western genre, so this comic fits that niche. The art didn’t blow me away, but it seemed suited to the style of story being told. I am interested enough to at least look at the next issue. If the title can hold my attention long term remains to be seen. For a title, that I expected to have no care, this surpassed my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone that is already a fan of the Western genre, and cautiously recommend to those that may be looking for something a little different, that may or may not find interest in the setting.

The rest of the week:

Aquaman: This book was surprisingly amusing. It at once makes you feel for the character and laugh at him. Recommend for fans of the underdog hero.

Batman: The Dark Knight: While it doesn’t hold up to Batman and Detective Comics, there is a solid mystery tale in Batman’s sights. Recommend to those that can’t find Batman or Detective or those that want more of the Bat.

Blackhawks: Another team of characters that fail to make me care in the first issue. They are a military unit, without the structure. Maybe, I missed the point. Recommend to fans of jet planes.

Flash: Did well at recapping who is the flash and setting up his supporting cast. Recommend to fans of Track and Field.

Fury of Firestorm: Two high school kids, one jock, one nerd. Angry at each other for no apparant reason beyond their perception of each other. Circumstances cause them to work together and we have Fury. Recommend for fans of Saved By the Bell with explosions.

Green Lantern New Guardians: Good job recapping Kyle Rayner’s backstory as “the last Green Lantern”. What interest to the powers of the other corps have in him and will he be able to work with the corps? Recommend for fans of the other Green Lantern titles and anyone looking for a cosmic story.

I, Vampire: Suprisingly intriguing. Gives enough reason to care about the main characters and explains how vampires fit into modern DC while instilling fear as to just how far some of them will go. Recommend for fans of Horror/Romance like Anne Rice.

Justice League Dark: A team dealing with supernatural threats. These are going to be things that Supermam could not handle. Recommend for fans of mystical/magical heroes.

Savage Hawkman: So Carter Hall doesn’t want to be Hawkman anymore, but Hawkman wants to be Carter Hall. I like the way the Nth Metal is used here and am intrigued to see the direction they take. Recommend for fans of Spider-man when he dealt with symbiote that would become Venom.

Superman: Solid story that sets itself apart from Action Comics, while maintaining the relavance of Action Comics. This was a much more narrative and the art was busy at times. Recommend for those looking for the modern hero that is Superman to show what he can do now.

Teen Titans: Unfortunately #1 did not ship to us this week so we are receiving them next week.

Voodoo: Strippers and Alien/Demons. Recommend for fans of V.

Coming up, I will be posting a synopsis of my overall take on month one. Shipping next week, in addition to some reprints of sold out #1s and the first week of #2s are the first two mini series so I will delve a little into Huntress and Penguin.

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