The begining of DC’s second month of relaunch

With the start of the second month of the relaunch by DC, I won’t be reviewing one specific title. Instead, I will talk about an over all recap and touch on some of the upcoming ideas.

For starters, the overall sales have been fantastic. It has been quite hectic trying to meet the demand, and I must say kudos to DC for making second, third and subsequent printings quickly available. These titles have brought completely new readers, brought lapsed readers back and convinced some non-DC readers to give it a chance. Many long time readers had expressed concerns, calling it a money grab or what not. While yes it could come off as a money grab, that is something that the industry needs every once in a while. These publishers are in this business to make money and with the economy down, comic sales were down with it. Call it what you will it is working and the main reason it is working is my next point, the stories.

The gimic is bringing the customers in to find out what it is all about. The stories have the customers curious enough to try others to see if they are just as good and subscribing to future issues. Longtime fans may say, “It’s all been done” or something similar, but it comes down to bringing in a new generation of readers while hopefully entertaining existing fans with some minor changes. As a long time fan, I have been very intrigued by what is changed and have also checked out some titles that I had not previously been interested in, so for me it is working as a new and old fan. The stories that have been done before have thus far been different enough for me to still be interested.

To recap the first month and the changes:

Batman books: Not much has changed aside from compressing the timeline. What I like: Bruce is back to being the only real Batman, Dick is back to being Nightwing, Damien as Robin while maintaining that there had been other previous Robins. What I don’t like: Barbara as Batgirl, because it means that Stephanie is gone and there is no Oracle. Overall: The stories here have been some of the best overall with some nice shocking endings in Detective and Batman.

Superman books: There are a lot of changes here, from getting rid of the marriage to depowering him to a complete reboot on Superboy and Supergirl. What I like: Superman is having fun. What I don’t like: The costume redesigns. Overall: The retelling origins have been great.

Green Lantern books: Like Batman, there is not much in the way of changes here. What I like: They have done a good job of keeping the history while still giving new readers a chance to know what is going on. What I don’t like: I am getting tired of the rest of the rainbow lanterns and have always found the Red to be the least interesting. Overall: The stories have been accessable to new readers.

Team books: The Justice League and Teen Titans are completely new, while the Legion stays pretty much the same. What I like: The pace difference between Justice League and JLI shows that these guys can work either way and Dark¬†shows that there are some things that your standard superheroes can’t handle. What I don’t like: I found the Legion books to be thoroughly confusing and inaccessable to new readers. Overall the teams have a lot to offer.

Other superheroes: Lots of changes to most of these heroes. What I like: Characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman are getting back to what made them interesting originally. What I don’t like: Characters like Hawkman and Green Arrow assuming you know enough about their backstore to care already. Overall most have worked.

The out there books: Most of these are characters that are obscure enough that their fans are just happy to have them back, but they have been interesting enough to bring in lots of new potential fans. What I like: The diversity. What I don’t like: The integration of old Wildstorm characters has felt awkward. Overall, people should give some of these a chance.

Now that the month one recap is passed, we get to see a couple mini series options in Huntress and Penguin. Quick hits on this for the week: The Penguin Pain and Prejudice is an interesting take on his origin that almost makes him a sympathetic villain. Huntress has potential to be a fun spy type story with her visiting Italy. The rest of the first wave of #2s pick up where month one left off, so if you enjoyed the first, you are likely to enjoy the second.


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