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Welcome to the new Mad City Comics website!  We are still working on a lot of things but in the future you’ll be able to keep up to date on all the news from the Comic and Gaming Industry right here!

Check in each week as we update with the list of what comics are coming in, great new games in stock, as well as events and sales!

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2 Responses to “New Website”

  1. Stephanie Cunningham says:


    The website looks great, the links are easy to follow and the pages “flow” together well. The graphics are well done. I’d be curious to know how Saint John likes it as well. Is there also an option to link to a facebook page? I don’t know alot about this, as I’ve never been on it!, but understand this is also the trend.

    Overall, a job very well done. Hopefully Mark will feel the same. Would other managers have the capability of updating this site or would it all have to go through you?


    • admin says:

      The link for “Twitter” at the top actually goes to the Facebook page as we do not have a Twitter account. Changing the graphic is one of those minor tweaks that still needs to be done. :o )

      Various user accounts can be setup so others can log in and do updates as well. For the most part it’s pretty easy, much like sending an e-mail. So if Mike in Moncton wanted to be able to update it that could be arranged.

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